University Main Certificate

Certificate collection is an important part after completing the course. No matter how good your results are, if you fail to show your original certificate to the employer on time, the irony of the situation is no more. So after completing any public/private exam or course, collect your certificate + mark sheet + character certificate immediately.

While the original certificates of secondary and higher secondary are given on time, the original certificate of the university is mainly given after the convocation of the said university. A provisional certificate will be given to you by the university before issuing the original certificate which will allow you to continue your many activities.
In case you have no convocation and need the original certificate, you need to apply to the university for the original certificate and show the documents why you need the original certificate. Generally for higher education abroad and field of employment original certificate is required and the institution will ask you in writing/email to provide an original certificate which you can submit to your university.

As soon as you pass from the university you will withdraw your provisional certificate whether required or not. Every university takes some time to process its certificate, if you are short on time and the certificate is in dire need, there is nothing you can do. The more you delay, the more trouble you will face in getting the certificate. Remember that literary knowledge and wealth (certificate) are required, not knowledge or wealth.
Please comment on any such certificate that you are in trouble for getting it late. Or you can tell that by applying for late certificate withdrawal, getting the certificate is very late.

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